26 Experts on Choosing the Perfect Business Name

The decision to start a business can be really scary: you don’t know what you’ll really do, how you’ll do it, and you don’t even have a business name.

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You know how important it is to present yourself in the best light and make a positive first impression. That’s why choosing your business name is so important.
It’s the way that customers will remember you, how they will find you, how they will match your business with their needs, and even decide if they like you or not.
Choosing your business name can then be quite a difficult task. There are lots of theories out there about the best ways to choose your perfect business name. However, we decided to ask some successful business owners about how they came up with their business name.
With these answers, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect way to create a catchy, lasting name and succeed in your new business.
Chris Abrams, Founder of Abrams Insurance Solutions
Coming up with my business name was fairly easy … I am an insurance agency that helps people across the country save money on life insurance. Starting with my last name (Abrams) and adding “Insurance” to it was easy. To register an insurance business in California, the name must include agency, solutions, etc so I used Solutions. My complete name is Abrams Insurance Solutions.
I then checked URLs for the domain name and abramsinsurancesolutions.com was available so I went with it. After a while, I realized the the URL was too long so I shortened it to abramsinc.com. The ‘inc’ is for incorporated.
Looking back, I wish I had used something more generic that wasn’t tied to my name. If I want to sell the business and/or website in the future, it would be easier if it was a more generic name such as Pinnacle Insurance Solutions. Also, I wish my URL had life insurance or at least insurance in it so it would help with SEO. Plus most people think there should be a ‘h’ in abrams.
Bottom Line: Plan ahead and use a generic URL, preferably including keywords, so it helps with SEO and will be easier to sell in the future.
James Kerr, Chief Geek at SuperGeek
When I started my IT company in 1998, I wanted a name that met three basic requirements:
It said what we did
It disarmed potential clients
It was easy to say/here/remember
‘SuperGeeks’ was perfect. It was techy yet playful. Catchy enough for people to remember. And definitely fun enough to live the brand.
Securing the trade name was not easy. There was someone else who potentially had first use rights so we hired an IP attorney and bought the rights for $10K.
It was a winner. One in 3 prospects would choose us just because of the name. We now license it along with the business model.
Gayle Lynn Falkenthal, Founder of Falcon Valley Group
The name of my communication consulting firm is “Falcon Valley Group.” Consultants often name their business after themselves, as in “Jones and Associates.”
With a long and difficult last name like Falkenthal, I couldn’t possibly ask people to navigate it as a business name. My surname is German, and the English translation is “Falcon Valley.” Voila – Falcon Valley Group.
It took me 15 minutes to decide on this name. I never wavered. I had a talented graphic artist work with me on branding and a logo which reflected my brand and niche position. It has served me well without a single change for 13 years.
I invested well in professional services to translate my concepts into visual communication and it was worth every dime.
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